Pachawawas News

Update on the building

January 10th, 2016

Our chair, Kyla, FINALLY made it to Arequipa over Christmas. Originally with the intention to volunteer with the children, she ended up helping out sanding and painting the walls in the new home. And along with Karen from Stichting Luz Alba, the two of them have been working to get things to a live-able state within the next two months. We bought some windows which will be installed shortly, and measurements have been taken for flooring and kitchen installation. It’s finally becoming a house!



Pachawawas goes back to Glasto!

May 11th, 2015


Yep, that’s right, Pachawawas is going back to Glastonbury this year! We’ll be located in the Green Futures Field.

If you’re lucky enough to be going this year, come and say hello, pick up a llama or a nice alpaca jumper to keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Fundraising Barn Dance

April 16th, 2013


“Abuela Jay” – “Granny Jay” in English (pictured above) volunteered at the orphanage in 2012 and was so touched by her experience that she is continuing to support them after her return home. In order to raise much needed funds, she has organised a Barn Dance which will take place in Cambridgeshire in June. Tickets include a plate of supper and there will also be a paid bar and a raffle.

The live band (Scrape the Barrel) and both callers (Clive the Caller and Whispering Dave) are all giving their time and talents for free so that as much money as possible will be raised for the orphanage.

The event will be held in Haslingfield Village Hall from 7 to 10pm on Saturday 1st June 2013 and tickets (by generous donation) are available by calling Jay Cole on 01223 870688 or emailing

We hope to see you there!

Half pint nails half marathon

October 10th, 2012

Kathryn, pictured above volunteering at the Casa Hogar Luz Alba Orphanage in 2009, ran her first ever half marathon a couple of months ago – and raised over £400 to help us build the orphanage!

She says she still thinks about the children at the orphanage and she is glad that she can do something to help them.

I would like to apologise for some incorrect information given in the initial article about this – Kathryn is actually not 5’3′” but 5’2″, meaning even more steps to complete a half marathon – Well done Kathryn!

If you didn’t manage to donate before the event you can still show your support and help us build an orphanage by going to the original story here and clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

10k – All the way!

October 10th, 2012

Well done Becky (centre of photo above)! She took on the Swansea Bay 10k, and the driving rain and howling wind and completed it, raising £255 to help us build the orphanage!

Becky told us that at one point, a particularly strong gust of wind swept her into a fellow runner!

Happily she wasn’t injured and finished the 10k in just over 1 hour.

If you didn’t manage to donate before the event you can still show your support and help us build an orphanage by going to the original story here and clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

TNT & Pachawawas Get Together 2012

September 2nd, 2012

We gathered together some of our lovely volunteers and supporters in “La Ruca”, a Chilean run shop and cafe on Gloucester Road in Bristol, for a get together. Among the things we talked about were:

The promotional film that Nim Jethwa is going to make about Pachawawas and Traveller Not Tourist over the next 6 months (preview planned for November – get in touch if you have any video footage you’d like to donate to the project)

An exciting but unsuccessful bidding war for a video/still camera on eBay to send to Peru to facilitate the project mentioned above (do you have a spare camera you’d like to donate? Let us know if you have)

The unexpected but very generous offer of a laptop from Becky Hibberd (who is also set to run a sponsored half marathon for Pachawawas later this month – click here to sponsor her)

Plans for the Pachawawas AGM which will be held on October 13th in Bristol (click here for more information and to register your attendance)

Gillian Yeoman’s plans to collaborate with a couple of other previous orphanage volunteers in Edinburgh to recruit volunteers and possibly raise funds.

Nicola Pembridge’s Ikea shopping spree for items to take over to the orphanage on her imminent third volunteering trip

Luis Chavez’s delicious Mojitos and Cuba Libres (with Peruvian sized measures – it’s a wonder I can type at all today!)

Kyla Archers AMAZING Brownies, which she made for the cafe at the Photographic Exhibition earlier this year – Yum!

Bad hair stories – not really related but hilarious nonetheless!

Big thanks to those who came, commiserations to everyone who wanted to but couldn’t make it.

Don’t worry if you were unable to get to this event – you’ve still got lots of time to plan your attendance at the Pachawawas AGM on October 13th in Bristol. Hope to see you there!

Apron off, trainers on!

August 27th, 2012

After using her brilliant baking skills to help raise funds at our exhibition “Developing Peru: Journeys of Inspiration” earlier this year, volunteer Becky Hibberd was inspired to fundraise via a rather different activity. She has decided to run the Swansea Bay 10k in September and will be asking for sponsorship to help us build the orphanage.

The event, which will take place in Swansea on September 23rd, attracted over 3,000 runners last year, many of whom ran for charities.

As you can see from the photo above, Becky has been training hard, despite the rain, and is looking forward to the race.

If you would like to sponsor her, please use the button below.

LEJoG-ing along

August 21st, 2012

You may remember the trio of friends who set off to cycle the length of Britain – Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJoG) no less – back in April this year. Well, they had such great support that it has taken up until now to get the final count in, and boy is it a big one! Roz, Lloyd and Dan raised over £750 and we would like to congratulate and thank them for their hard work! Unfortunately both the boys sustained injuries which meant they could not complete their journeys, but Roz soldiered on to finish the LEJoG in just 12 and a half days. We call that amazing!

Tough and Muddy

August 9th, 2012

We’d like to say congratulations to Ian Trimmer, who completed the Tough Mudder 2012 – a hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle courses designed by the Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie – and raised over £400 to help us build the orphanage!

Ian says “It was hard at times, but it was actually a lot of fun! The worst was a pit full of ice water in which you had to submerse yourself. My muscles constricted and I could hardly move! The electric wires weren’t any fun either. One hit my right butt cheek which resulted in a dead bum for half an hour!”

I think I would have to agree with the words of one of Ian’s generous supporters, who said “I think you are completely mad for doing this, but huge respect!”

If you didn’t manage to donate before the event you can still show your support and help us build an orphanage by going to the original story here and clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

Festival Fun…draising

August 1st, 2012

This was the sight that greeted the lucky punters as they walked between the Siam Tent and the Big Red Tent in the main arena at WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) at the end of July. The weather was (weirdly) amazing so we were able to display our wares inside and out for most of the festival. A new edition to the stall – footwear – was particularly popular but the old summer favourites – earrings made by Marco from the orphanage – also held their own. Many passersby stopped to stroke our delightfully soft alpacas and, indeed, purchase them – we are now sold out! Luckily (for us) the nights became quite chilly, especially towards the end of the festival, so we sold a fair few jumpers and scarves. All in all we took over £1,600 between 2pm on Thursday and 10:30pm on Sunday.

Our beautiful new moo cards really caught the interest of the festival goers and we gave out a hefty 1,500 over the course of 4 days. Our youngest volunteer, Benen (3 and a half), proved to be an excellent marketer with his approach of running up to people and dramatically presenting them with a card. This generally worked very well (at least for those who looked down!) Another of our volunteers, Mim, decided that she preferred the more laid back approach (see photo below).

In addition we spoke to many, many people about what we do and got a lot of them to sign up for our newsletter. We made some great contacts too so watch out for new fundraising initiatives coming soon!

If we met you at WOMAD, we hope you enjoyed the experience and that you had a great festival!

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll say no more…