The Team

Kyla Archer (Trustee – Chair)


“I used to live next door to Jay and Luis, and liked to help out supporting their events by baking cakes, or donating a proportion of my eBay sales to Pachawawas. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to use my professional skills to help out on a bigger scale. I finally went to Peru in December 2015 to volunteer with the kids, but ended up working on the new building instead! I did get to take the kids out for the day, which made my whole trip even more rewarding.”

Nicky Cowans (Trustee – Treasurer)

“Having volunteered in the orphanage back in 2012 I saw first hand what the guys out there were doing and I was astounded at the selflessness of the full time volunteers. What amazed me more was how happy the children were, and how different that would have been were it not for the orphanage. I decided I needed to help with the new orphanage and the plan originally was to return to help with the building work… However, common sense prevailed and I realised my skills as an accountant were better suited to being a trustee of Pachawawas!”

Hayley Attfield (Trustee – Secretary)



Nicola Pembridge (Trustee – Peru Liaison)

Nicola with pinata

“For my 30th Birthday I decided to do the things I’d always dreamed of: Travel, Improve my Spanish and Work in an orphanage – so I volunteered with Traveller Not Tourist. Pachawawas allows me to use all my skills and interests to continue to support the work being done in Peru to help some wonderful children, plus it gives me an excuse to return to Arequipa!”

Paul Fairbrass (Trustee)


Miguel Garcia de Frutos (Trustee)


“I volunteered at the Children’s Shelter during 4 weeks in July 2014, and it was an incredible experience; the children in Casa Hogar are all lovely and also the full time volunteers (Tias) that work very hard on daily basis even doing night shifts. What better way than travelling while helping at the same time! Since I got back to the UK I wanted to keep helping them and I have been involved with Pachawawas, helping fundraising and, most importantly my native Spanish language skills.”

Jay Byrd and Luis Chavez (Founders of Traveller Not Tourist)

Luis, Benen and Jay


“Since we relocated to the UK in 2008, we have still been very much involved in the running of Traveller Not Tourist in Peru and it is really great that we now also have Pachawawas to support the work in Arequipa. English money goes so much further in Peru – that means it is easy to make a difference. It really is a joy to be able to serve them and we are very glad that we are able to bring them lovely volunteers from all over the world and help to keep the projects, which are so important to them, going.”


Our members are very important to our organisation – they support us by helping out at events; providing comments, ideas and feedback; helping us with administrative tasks; and by running their own fundraising and recruitment initiatives in their own areas (or online).

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