About Us

‘Pachawawas – Children of the Earth’ is a UK charity which raises funds and recruits volunteers for the projects of ‘Traveller Not Tourist’, a volunteer organisation working with an Orphanage in Peru.

Our Mission

Pachawawas transforms lives by providing funds and volunteers for projects which improve the quality of life of people living in poverty or difficult circumstances.

How we started

Luis and Jay Chavez founded Traveller Not Tourist, a volunteer organisation, in 2007 in Arequipa, Peru. Since then TNT, as we call it, has had the pleasure of hosting, co-ordinating and supporting hundreds of  travellers from all over the world. Volunteers work to support the local volunteers at an orphanage run by another organisation. Read more about the projects here. See the Traveller Not Tourist website for more information on volunteer opportunities and tours in Peru.

In 2008, Luis and Jay relocated to Bristol, UK. In order to raise funds and recruit volunteers for the projects in Peru, Jay and Luis decided to found a UK charity. They hooked up with a great group of people, all did a lot of hard work, and the result was ‘Pachawawas – Children of the Earth’.

“Pachawawas” means “Children of the Earth” in Quechua, one of the indigenous languages of Peru.

The charity is now run by a new team of volunteers acting as trustees, see here for more info.

What we do

Pachawawas raises funds to support the projects of TNT by:
• Applying for grants and awards
• Putting on events
• Running appeals
• Selling imported and donated items
• Participating in fundraising events
• Supporting our members, TNT volunteers and other supporters in their fundraising efforts.

Pachawawas recruits volunteers to help with TNT projects by:
• Attending volunteer recruitment events
• Distributing promotional material
• Promotional activities on the internet
• Presentations to interested groups and organisations
• Supporting our members, TNT volunteers and other supporters in their volunteer recruitment efforts.

Pachawawas work hard to reduce administration costs so that as much money as possible gets to the projects. We pledge to be 100% transparent and will publish our end of year accounts as soon as we have submitted them to the HMRC.

The future 

With a steady stream of volunteers and great progress being made on projects the future for Pachawawas is bright. But with thousands of UK travellers jetting off to underprivileged countries every year, wanting to make a difference, we know we can do more.

Having put in so much hard work creating TNT, Jay has decided to franchise the TNT brand in order to help out anyone who is seriously considering setting up a worthwhile international project for travellers. Please see the TNT website for further details. In addition the Trustees of Pachawawas would also be willing to support any new projects which met our objectives.

With a great brand name, hard earned experience and potential financial support this would represent a great way for anyone trying to get their project off the ground.


Of course, running projects  costs money so a large part of what we do involves finding funds in order to keep them functioning.

Traveller Not Tourist is aiming to be as self-sustaining as possible by earning money through the provision of services which can be used to fund the projects. The Tours offered to volunteers in Arequipa, as well as the travelling community in general, raise some money. Volunteers often travel to Peru with some money already saved or raised, or send out an appeal to friends and family after they have spent some time at a project.

Many volunteers return to the UK and go on to do sponsored events or other fundraising activities which is a great source of funding. If you are interested in doing a sponsored event please use MyDonate to set up great fundraising pages. Register with MyDonate, then go to ‘Create my Challenge’ and search for ‘Pachawawas’.

Pachawawas also employ various other methods to raise funds such as holding stalls selling Peruvian goods and selling goods on our eBay shop. Please contact us if you would like to help out.

Unfortunately our eBay shop is low on stock but never fear – more stock will be arriving soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure that you are among the first to know when it goes back up.

For tax purposes Pachawawas – Children of the Earth is a charitable Company, and our HMRC reference is: XT27685. This enables us to claim Gift Aid where applicable.

Pachawawas is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1143738.