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We are currently supporting one project, which is based in Arequipa, Peru (in South America). The project is supplied with volunteers and some funds through our sister organisation, Traveller Not Tourist, which operates in Peru.
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We welcome donations of any size and because of the volunteer powered nature of the organisation and our commitment to minimising expenditure you can be sure that only a very tiny percentage will be used for administration!
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Volunteer with Pachawawas03.
We welcome any help we can get so if you are interested in becoming a member take a look at our Volunteer page; or if you would like to do some fundraising or just like to lend a hand, please contact us.

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Pachawawas @ Glastonbury 2019

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for Glastonbury Festival this year come and meet the team. We’ll be in the Green Futures field. If you can’t find us send us a message on facebook and we’ll share our exact location.

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The Team

The Team
Meet the passionate people behind Pachawawas and find out why they got involved and what it means to them. Read more

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Traveller Not Tourist

Pachawawas exists to support the charitable activity of Traveller Not Tourist, a volunteer organisation in Peru. If you are interested in volunteer work or tours in Peru, please click here.