The Orphanage: “Casa Hogar Luz Alba” – Arequipa, Peru

The children the volunteers help to look after in the orphanage have been placed there for their own well-being and the aim is always to get them adopted into a loving family home as soon as possible (or to reunite them with their own family once the family environment has improved). Many of the children the orphanage receives are under 1 year old; some are just days old. They come from homes where they are unwanted and may have suffered abuse or neglect, often due to alcohol or drug abuse.

The orphanage aims to provide these children with a harmonious environment where they can recover from their ordeals and prepare for a better future. The children are provided with: natural and nutritious home-cooked food; carefully selected games, books and (occasionally) films; clean clothes and comfortable beds; school uniforms, books and stationery; and lots of love and cuddles.

The TNT volunteers support the local full-time volunteers by helping with the cooking, cleaning and washing, as well as planning and running activities for the children such as arts and crafts, games and outings.

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