Festival Fun…draising

This was the sight that greeted the lucky punters as they walked between the Siam Tent and the Big Red Tent in the main arena at WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) at the end of July. The weather was (weirdly) amazing so we were able to display our wares inside and out for most of the festival. A new edition to the stall – footwear – was particularly popular but the old summer favourites – earrings made by Marco from the orphanage – also held their own. Many passersby stopped to stroke our delightfully soft alpacas and, indeed, purchase them – we are now sold out! Luckily (for us) the nights became quite chilly, especially towards the end of the festival, so we sold a fair few jumpers and scarves. All in all we took over £1,600 between 2pm on Thursday and 10:30pm on Sunday.

Our beautiful new moo cards really caught the interest of the festival goers and we gave out a hefty 1,500 over the course of 4 days. Our youngest volunteer, Benen (3 and a half), proved to be an excellent marketer with his approach of running up to people and dramatically presenting them with a card. This generally worked very well (at least for those who looked down!) Another of our volunteers, Mim, decided that she preferred the more laid back approach (see photo below).

In addition we spoke to many, many people about what we do and got a lot of them to sign up for our newsletter. We made some great contacts too so watch out for new fundraising initiatives coming soon!

If we met you at WOMAD, we hope you enjoyed the experience and that you had a great festival!

They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll say no more…